Queensland Manor Cebu City Condominium

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A new comfy home in the City of Cebu, the Queensland Manor Condominium. A residential condo for your relaxing place, vacation, for your kids studying at near schools and most importantly an Investment wise Real Estate Property in Cebu. A good track record developer in Cebu, a pioneering developer that reach as far as they can go in real estate. Queensland Manor offers spacious Studio Type Rooms, 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedrooms and great amenities to enjoy.

Make use of green and sustainable architecture to maximize the natural flow of energy and light. Breathe the fresh clean air and bask in the uninterrupted views of land, sea and sky from your very own private balcony. Utilizing a double-corridor design with wide service stairs greatly enhances natures ventilation, illumination and accessibility for lesser energy cost. No worries, no stress, just rest and relax.

We have designed Queensland Manor Residences as a response to the rising demand for comfortable but affordable high rise residences at lesser cost.

Welcome to your new home.

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We have limited our construction to only 132 UNITS to ensure that our clients obtain the utmost in PRIVACY and EXCLUSIVITY.


The Studio Type A




Total Area: 40.08 sq.m.

Studio Unit A are one of the biggest studio type units available in the local market.

Kitchen/Dining Area: 14.99 sq.m.
Bedroom: 14.52 sq.m.
Bathroom: 4.63 sq.m.
Balcony: 5.94 sq.m.

SELLING PRICE PhP 3,619,174 (inclusive of Transfer Fees, VAT & Move-in Fees)


 The Studio Type B



Total Area: 35.21 sq.m.

Studio Unit B are comparable in size to the standard one bedroom units.

Kitchen/Dining Area: 14.29 sq.m.
Bedroom: 12.26 sq.m.
Bathroom: 4.09 sq.m.
Balcony: 4.57 sq.m.







 One Bedroom Type





Total Area: 70.98 sq.m.

One bedroom units each with ample space for living, dining, bedroom and kitchen areas

Kitchen : 6.07 sq.m.
Dining Area: 23.40 sq.m.
Living Area : 12.63 sq.m.
Bedroom : 18.64 sq.m.
Bathroom : 5.23 sq.m.
Balcony : 4.99 sq.m.

SELLING PRICE STARTS AT PhP 7,114,127.50 (inclusive of Transfer Fees, VAT & Move-in Fees)


 2 Bedroom Type

TOTAL AREA: 127.47 sq.m.

Two-bedroom Units each provided with a receiving and dining area, a walk-in closet and a private balcony in the master’s bedroom,
a spacious service area for house work,
a backyard area for hanging laundry and a separate access to the servant’s quarters to ensure privacy and security.

Foyer: 3.92 sq.m.
Kitchen: 10.31 sq.m.
Dining Area: 18.43 sq.m.
Living Area: 18.42 sq.m.
Balcony(LA): 6.41 sq.m.
Master Bedroom: 20.30 sq.m.
Bathroom (MB): 6.89 sq.m.
Balcony(MB): 4.64 sq.m.
Bedroom : 15.58 sq.m.
Bathroom (Com): 4.70 sq.m.
Maid’s Quarter :15.68 sq.m.
(composed of Service Area and Laundry)
Bathroom (MQ): 2.19 sq.m

SELLING PRICE STARTS AT PhP 12,807,002(inclusive of Transfer Fees, VAT & Move-in Fees)



Here are some notable features found in our development:

  • Overhead natural cross ventilation outlets above the sliding doors exiting above the main door.
  • All units are equipped with kitchen smoke stack and bathroom exhaust ducts.
  • Extensive private balconies, large enough to accommodate exterior furnishings, truly functional and utilitarian in design.
  • High ceiling.
  • A high ratio of bright and breezy common spaces (20%) relative to the residential areas (80%) on every floor.
  • Above-standard dimensions are allotted to the parking areas. Our 265 cms. parking width and 750 cms. service road width is highly commendable compared to the standard 240 cms. parking width and 600 cms. service road width.
  • Latest electronically addressable fire protection system with two fire cabinets in every residential level.
  • Computer-controlled security, surveillance and paging systems.

Our Building Amenities

  • Infinity pool with an accompanying kid’s wading pool
  • Clubhouse
  • Gym
  • Daycare facility
  • Food and beverage areas
  • Retail stores
  • Extensive commercial spaces for concessionaires
  • Restrooms in each commercial level

Our Standard Building Features

  • Lobby and Reception Area
  • Two high-speed, large-capacity Mitsubishi elevators with card access readers
  • Three levels of covered parking areas
  • Exterior parking areas for visitors and customers
  • Individual mailbox per unit
  • Garbage chute per floor with centralized collection facility
  • Standby back-up generators
  • Overhead tank and cisterns

Our location in the very heart of Cebu City assures our residents easy access to the fulfillment of the needs of modern day living.

 Accessible through 3 main thoroughfares, you can avoid being stuck in traffic while waiting to enter or exit the building during rush hours.


Our location defines PROXIMITY as several important points of destination are at a leisurely walk away…… Malls, Schools, Churches, Hospitals, and more…


Floor Layout

We are tapping into our much sought-after tropical climate by introducing GREEN ARCHITECTURE as our primary design consideration.

In every unit you can breathe the fresh clean air and bask in the uninterrupted views of land, sea and sky from your very own private balcony. 

Utilizing a double corridor design with wide service stairs greatly enhances nature’s ventilation, illumination and accessibility for LESSER ENERGY COST.


Unit Finishes and Features

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Financing schemes


1.Reservation fee is required to hold the unit for a period of 30 days(non-refundable).
2.Prices of unit and terms of payment are subject to change without prior notice.
3.Prices are subject to fees and other charges by the developer and exclusive of the applicable taxes, fees and other government mpositions.
4.Buyers may apply for In-House or Bank Financing subject to CIBI requirement and approval.
5.Submission of complete Post Dated Checks for payment is required.
6.Please make all payment in Checks or Bank Deposits payable to Cebu Korona Development Corporation and/or its Bank Account.



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