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Almeria Crest

2-Storey Single Attached
Lot Area: 100-118 sqm.
Starting Price: P 4,036,000

CityHomes Mandaue

2-storey Townhouse
Rent-to-Own scheme
TCP: P 4,381,036

South Covina

2-storey Duplex
3-BR, 2T&B,1PowderRoom
TCP: P 4,206,782

Kishanta Residences

Single Detached Type
Floor Area: 326+ sqm.
Price: P 25M net

Sunberry Homes

Equity starts at P 22,121
for 33 months only
Price: P 2,795,000.00

Luana Dos Res.

2-storey Single Attached
3-BR, 2T&B
Price: P 4,928,000.00

St. Michaels Banilad

Single Detached Type
Floor Area: 358 sqm.
Price: P 32M net

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